Taking Time to Listen {& an Invitation to a Special Saturday Retreat}


Some days it feels like we are ever rushing to get to our next appointment, our next meeting, our next errand and flailing as we go. Markets are flailing with us and we wonder if the world will ever be put back right.

Everything around us fights against stillness. Our phones chirp and beep to the point of harassment. We find we are now instantly accessible to everyone everywhere and fully present to no one at all.  Not even ourselves.  And worst yet, not even God.

This has become our normal. But it doesn’t have to stay our normal. This rush-rush, run all day long, nursing our electronics into the night and waking to their chatter. Is it any wonder hearing God in the middle of the din so often eludes us?

I had no idea how blessed I was to live for 7 years with no electricity but that of a sporadic generator, no running water and no regular internet connectivity.  I woke to birds chirping instead of phones. I greeted the day with coffee and prayer under a mango tree surrounded by giggling children, not demanding technology.

Now back in the USA, I am equally grateful for every technical tool (and running water) I have at my disposal in this season of my life.  But I have had to learn to steward them carefully. To build boundaries around my availability online.  To learn to use the off button. {I probably need to use it more.}

In a world that enthrones the rushed life and calls it success, it is imperative we intentionally slow our pace down enough to listen to His whisper every day. Every day.  To find the still space in our own souls where He speaks His promises and we share with Him heart to heart.

It would be my joy to help you learn more about how to do just that. theriverhouse-1wm copy

I am really excited to announce the first Deeper in God event I will be facilitating in Jacksonville, FL. Dear friends of mine have opened up a beautiful historic home, tucked away right on the banks of the St. John’s River. It is the perfect spot to host this Saturday retreat where we will practice learning to be still and coming aside in order to listen to Jesus.

I will be teaching in the morning about hearing God’s voice. Learn about what God says about hearing Him in the Scripture, about the different ways He speaks and how we can practically position ourselves to hear Him every single day. Then in the afternoon we will apply what we learned in the morning to explore creative prayer journaling. Because of the space constraints we only have 24 spots. The entire day {not including lunch} is $40. That is like getting two workshops and more for less than you’d pay for one elsewhere.

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Find out more details and register on my website here.  This is the very first event live on MichelePerry.net and I’d sure love to have you a part of it!  If you live in the north Florida area and have any friends who might be interested please help me get the word out to them.  Thank you and I hope to see you there!

The Dawning of A Dream

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Dawn comes gentle on the horizon. It doesn’t explode forth, rushing into the day like a torrent of light.  Rather it creeps in little by little until the darkest part of night has melted into another sunrise that once seemed it would never come.

It has been a very dark three years of night in many ways here for me.  A night so thick it blackness was suffocating. But darkness cannot choke out light. No matter how faint or feeble, light always wins. Always.

Dreams hide in dark seasons. They can become so quiet you think they too have died, crushed by grief and loss and disappointment and whatever else hides in the shadowy passages of life.

But then the soul’s dark night is met with unexpected glimmers that flow into a dawn that offers back the very dreams that were hidden.  Now they are refined. Matured. Fire-tested and approved.

Since my early 20s I had a dream of equipping folks to step into the fullness of all they are made for in Jesus.  That dream has been stolen, hijacked, mocked, shattered, left behind, lost, found, remembered, fought for, planted in red earth continents away, obscured by pain, allowed to die and now resurrected into beauty and fullness in ways I could not have imagined even a week ago.

Dawn comes gently. But then the sunrise bursts forth over the horizon and light blazes and dreams awaken.

God has made 2 things very clear to about 2016.

  1. I am to start traveling again.  Right now it looks like I will be focusing mostly on the larger southeast… places 1-2 day drives from where I am in north Florida.  I feel like there is something significant about driving for me in this season. {Plus I really love road trips!} Starting in January I’m available for speaking at churches, events, conferences, etc.  More on that coming in the next post or two.
  2. I’m starting a School of the Prophetic that is pretty much unconventional in most every way. And I’m not doing it alone. I have some pretty incredible friends who are going to be involved in various ways.

mosaic-sotp1a web

So let me ask a few questions.

  • Do you want to learn more about hearing God’s voice?
  • Learn more about how to lean in to His leading every day?
  • Do you have questions about spiritual gifting and wonder about finding your calling and where you fit into His picture?
  • Would you like to become more effective and creative in ministry and see His love transform the world around you?
  • Do you have a heart for missions, the nations and being equipped to walk in the fullness of all you are made for?

Did you say yes to any of these questions?

You might want to stay tuned. 😉

Over the last 3 years, God put a fire in my heart to equip and raise up Kingdom leaders and family rooted in the love of Jesus, grounded in the character of God and released in a Christ-centered supernatural lifestyle.  All in the context of an Isaiah 61 community.

This is not traditional ministry training.  We will be developing a format that harnesses the power of online learning and melds it with local community building, mentoring relationships and in person intensives.   Mosaic is not one size fits all cookie-cutter learning.  Mosaic is custom made for the people, organizations and churches God brings.

You can read more here: Mosaic School of the Prophetic

And I can’t do any of this without your help. I still urgently need monthly supporters and/or those who feel led to give specific non-monthly gifts as well. You can find all the information about joining my support team here if God leads you to be a part of sowing into helping make this happen.

You are so loved and I can’t wait to see where this new day of grace is going to lead.